Nembutal Pentobarbital Sodium (Injectable) 100ml




The following adverse reactions and their incidence were compiled from surveillance of thousands of hospitalized patients. Because such patients may be less aware of certain of the milder adverse effects of barbiturates, the incidence of these reactions may be somewhat higher in fully ambulatory patients.

More than 1 in 100 patients. The most common adverse reaction estimated to occur at a rate of 1 to 3 patients per 100 is: Nervous System: Somnolence.

Less than 1 in 100 patients. Adverse reactions estimated to occur at a rate of less than 1 in 100 patients listed below, grouped by organ system, and by decreasing order of occurrence are:

Nervous system: Agitation, confusion, hyperkinesia, ataxiaCNS depression, nightmares, nervousness, psychiatric disturbance, hallucinations, insomniaanxiety, dizziness, thinking abnormality.

Respiratory system: Hypoventilationapnea.

Cardiovascular system: Bradycardiahypotensionsyncope.

Digestive system: Nausea, vomiting, constipation.

Other reported reactions: Headache, injection site reactions, hypersensitivity reactions (angioedema, skin rashes, exfoliative dermatitis), feverliver damage, megaloblastic anemia following chronic phenobarbital use